Careers UAE 2017   


Calling All Job Seekers

Go on a job search journey with as your guide. 

The Job Search Journey consists of four main stations/tables where a expert is ready to guide and advise the JS. The journey takes the following path:

How good is your CV?

The first step for the JS is to sit down with a expert to review their CV, providing them with tips and advice on areas of improvement, and how to optimize their CV for their online job hunt. This step also allows the JS the chance to have their career related questions answered by the expert.

Find and apply to opportunities on, and track your applications!

Now that the JS knows the ins and outs of writing an effective CV, we now take the JS through the searching and application process on, where Bayt's expert assists the JS in identifying suitable opportunities for themselves. After searching and applying to jobs,'s expert educates the JS on the importance of monitoring application stats, and how to use them to understand where their CVs can be improved to maximize their visibility online

Written your CV, applied to jobs, and landed an interview? Let's ace it and get the job!

In the third step of the journey, we guide the JS on the do's and don't's of interviews, and the important points to look out for to ensure the employer is left impressed and ready to offer you the job!

Congratulations! You are now ready to confidently go out and find your job! But before you go, we have one more tool to gift you...

Job Search Strategy Course (worth $99) to act as a guide at home in their job search. The JSSC offer the JS 11 lectures at their disposal to further learn effective job search tips and techniques to landing their ideal opportunity.

More info on the JSSC can be found here:

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