Careers UAE 2017   


Influencers Panel Discussion

Looking for inspiration ? 

Looking for inspiration ? 

We’ve got something special for you at Careers UAE 2017. Some of the leading UAE influencers gathered  to encourage and empower the the nation’s youth to succeed and inspired them to use their skills and qualities find their dream job. 

Session A


Khalid Al Ameri

A social columnist for The Gulf Today newspaper, a motivational speaker, and a youth coach. His experiences have included sailing on ships to Japan, working on global investments in the United Arab Emirates, and completing an MBA at Stanford University.


Dahlia Kayed

Dahlia Kayed is a talented speaker and college student who had formerly worked with the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for the past 5 years. Starting out as a volunteer, she quickly became the lead Youth Presenter and Spokesperson for the centre. She has been featured as one of the up and coming talents and Social Media Influencer in the region, and has been interviewed by Rachel Hunter in her TLC travel series. 

Faisal Al attar

He started his life going through many challenges that were about to break him down but he always believed in the happy endings. He believes that this life is made for us to struggle so we can feel the taste of success afterwards. Today he runs three positions in different sectors, he is a member in emirates youth council, a creative Manager in volt dining group and a revenue auditor in Dubai municipality


Fatima Alkaabi

A 13-year-old girl in the UAE has invented a solar bag which can charge electronic devices, power lights and a fan for trekkers, becoming one of the youngest Emirati innovators. She was the first-place winner in the Robot Olympics in UAE and invented a printer for the visually impaired. Her other inventions include a photographer robot, cheerleader robot and an electronic belt for the hearing impaired.


Alia Al Mansoori

14-year old Emirati girl Alia Al Mansoori’s proposal to study how exposure to space affects the health of live organisms at cellular level was chosen by a panel of experts as the winning entry for the Genes in Space UAE competition.Alia Al Mansoori’s proposal to study how exposure to space affects the health of live organisms at cellular level was chosen by a panel of experts as the winning entry for the Genes in Space UAE competition.

Session B

Saeed Alromaithi

The youngest 31-year old Federal National Council (FNC) member from Abu Dhabi, Saeed Al Rumaithi, who successfully won a seat at the Council solely through his active engagement with the public via social media, said that being young equates to him going the extra mile to prove his eligibility

Sheikha Dr. Alia Humaid Al Qassimi was named Inspirational Woman of the Year at the Arab Woman Awards 2016. She is the first Emirati gynaecologist to gain senior membership in ESAG and be appointed Internationally in the Scientific Committee for the ESAG World Congress 2017 due to take place in Madrid- Spain mid year.


Mthayel Al Ali

Born and bred Emarati, Mthayel is a force to reckon with. At her tender age, Mthayel takes pride and joy in setting up her own creative agency, Tkhayyal Creative Marketing. Specialized in social media advertisement and campaigns, Mthayel truly believes that imagination can take you anywhere!

Fahd Haikal

Fahd Haikal, Experiences Former announcer in Abu Dhabi TV ,Dubai TV  and Radio announcer TV hosting : managing talk show studios, anchoring the news, field coverage as a reporter and lecturer in happiness and positive change Influencer and activist on social media and telecommunication websites in the field of positivity Author of the book : life has taught me


Aisha Saeed Harib

 Aisha Saeed Harib, is part of the first batch of Emirati women to volunteer for the military national service program and graduate as soldiers. She owns and runs Social Bandage, the first nonprofit social business in the UAE spreading awareness about the importance of getting involved in the community. Social Bandage launched the first online charity store in the GCC designed to conduct social campaigns targeting Emirati society.

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