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Visitor Testimonials

Sara, University Student

"As an engineering student, expected to graduate in less than a year, Careers UAE is a must visit show that is helping me understand what options I have to pursue a career in a field that I am passionate about, and at the same time gave back to my beloved country, the UAE. I feel lucky to have this opportunity and I will definitely make the best of it.”

Zayed, Fresh Graduate

“This is the first time I attend Careers UAE exhibition and my first impression is very positive. What I like about it the most is that it is allows me to see every single option we could consider for my professional life, all together in one convenient location. I hope I will find my dream job here and will be able to pursue my career in the organisation I choose.”

Ali, Marketing Professional

“Careers UAE is one of the most important and convenient career fairs in the country. I visit it every year for the last few years. It doesn’t mean that I am actively looking for a job but I find it very beneficial to check my options and understand what I could be doing if I wasn’t in my current company. I really like the fact that private institutions are also part of the fair. I, myself, work in the private sector and I know that many of my friends are interested in exploring the sector, and I am very pleased to see the wide options we have here.”

Mayssae, Student

“I am left with one year to graduate from high school and still very confused about what discipline I want to follow. Being at Careers UAE offers me the chance to have a futuristic look at what would be attractive for me as a profession, thus, help me choose my university studies field.”

Layla,Fresh Graduate

“I’ve just graduated in December and I am now looking for a job in corporate finance field. There are many financial institutions and banks here that I am targeting. The exhibitors are very welcoming and helpful. I hope some of them will call me back for office interviews once the fair is over.”


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