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RU’YA, Inspired by Careers UAE

Ru’ya, the Arabic word for vision; a picture of the future that generates passion, represents our hopes and ambitions.

The founding fathers of our nation had a vision for the future of The United Arab Emirates. Each generation continues the pursuit of that dream.

It is in this spirit of bold thinking, determination and courage that Careers UAE is reimagined. This year’s event will be a bustling hub of inspiration and empowerment, filled with stirring discussions, live performances, interactive workshops and other enticing immersive activities.

The personal and professional growth of the nation’s youth takes centre stage in an environment that will inspire them to shape their own journeys as they engage with some of the nation’s leading organisations.

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A Journey Like No Other!

More than a recruitment fair, we’ve created a journey to help today’s youth find their way in the new world of work. This year's event will be a modern hub of inspiration and empowerment filled with stirring discussions, live performances, interactive workshops and other great immersive experiences.

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Dubai College of Tourism, Al-Futtaim Group sign MoU to train Emiratis for careers in hospitality and retail sectors


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