Careers UAE is a hub to attract Emirati talents of the Future. Participate and be ready for this exciting Future Talent!

This year’s theme is ‘REIMAGINING THE FUTURE OF YOU” and is set to see the future of your professional self (creating your own personal brand). Careers UAE will provide Emirati youth with the tools to get Internships, professional training and take part in interactive activities to become better prepared for what the future of work holds.

A Careers show like no other!

In its 20th edition it has established itself as the UAE’s leading Recruitment and Training Exhibition.  The show attracts 18,000+ Emirati graduates and professionals. This is a proven platform to empower UAE nationals and support the Emiratisation initiative and an event that enables talented UAE Nationals in all fields to meet directly with recruiters and hiring managers from top employers from private and public sector. At Careers UAE, visitors secure real job opportunities, meet employers, gather market information, source new training opportunities, attend workshops and seminars.

Internship Platform

We have an amazing opportunity this year for all our valued exhibitors. You don’t want to miss it!

Careers UAE 2020 will be launching a new Internship platform for all exhibitors to grab the right skilled Fresh Graduate Emiratis.

Studies have shown that the big challenge that new graduates face when applying for the first job is lack of experiences. It is no longer enough just to have a good degree. Relevant work experience via an internship is a necessity as qualification for their future career. Young Emirati graduates need direction in choosing their career path and Internship is the way forward. Internship help to secure that experience after graduation which is very important as real work experience matters.

This is the first step towards Emiratisation!


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Careers UAE Internship Platform





Medyaf Industry Nationalisation Initiative

Careers UAE collaborates with the Medyaf Industry Nationalisation initiative from the Dubai College of Tourism (DCT)

To meet the ambitious goals outlined in our Tourism Vision 2020, the objective is to increase the number of Emiratis working in tourist-facing roles by 2020. The Dubai College of Tourism, established by DTCM, runs the Medyaf Industry Nationalisation initiative and its goal is to increase the number of Emiratis working in tourist-facing roles by 2020, as outlined in Dubai’s Tourism Vision 2020.



Careers UAE Welcome Desk


  • Certain roles attract incredible interest from companies around the world. The sky-high demand to fill these jobs drives countless recruiters to search for the right candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Finding the best candidates and moving them through the hiring process while also providing an exceptional candidate experience – there’s a lot to do. That’s where productivity hacks can help.
  • The 3 trends transforming your workplace are: soft skills, work flexibility, and pay transparency.

  • Consistency If you have been in the job market, you must have heard of the ‘branding’. Living in the digital and social age where most people have at least one, if not multiple social media accounts, ...
  • What is it? Personal branding is a marketing strategy focused on who you really are, your skills, your values, your passions and your personality.  The A, B, & C I am (A) with (B) looking to do (C). T ...
  • You might have some spare time after dinner or during your afternoon hours to send out some job applications to positions that attract you, but guess what? 

  • Job search process consists of ; networking, building a CV ,online profile, looking for vacancies, and finally applying to the ones that fit our qualifications and waiting for the employers to reply.
  • If you want to talk about ghosting, let's talk about jobs you applied for and never got accepted nor rejected by the employer…not cool.  

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