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How to Deal With the Gap between Graduation and Employment?

Graduation is approaching and you are excited to jump into the real world and start being a member of the workforce. You are probably eager to apply what you have learned in your academic background in terms of theories and practical knowledge, and are passionate about the degree you are about to complete or have already completed. That is the case for each and every one of us as we approach graduation season. However, the hard truth out there is; landing your dream job as soon as you graduate may not be as easy as you thought.

There are some real world skills you need to gain and some strategies you need to master before starting your real jobs. These are things you might have never learned through books and school and they include:

  • Effective Networking
  • Keep Working
  • Consider other options
  • Never hide the truth
  • Be flexible and explore wider opportunities
  • Remain active




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