Finding Your First Job



Any-one faced with the daunting task of finding their first job is likely to find themselves in a quandary of perplexing proportions. Their CVs are thin if not non-existent, their industry knowledge is limited and their contacts in the business world are few and far between. The good news is that a record number of jobs in the Middle East region exist for fresh college grads and with the roaring economies of the Persian Gulf and the emphasis on training, human resource development and growing from within, this is unlikely to abate soon. To help you out with your first job, here are a few steps that are essential for success provided by the career experts at the Middle East’s #1 job site,

  • Know Thyself
  • Focus
  • Research
  • Perfect Your Toolkit
  • Treat the Job Search as a Full Time Job
  • Widen the Net
  • Prepare for the Interview


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