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How to Never Be "Jobless"

Unemployment is like the boogieman of adulthood, but instead of being hidden under the bed or in the closet, it comes in a form of a letter of termination. It’s a nightmare to us adults, because everyone wants to be able to provide for themselves and their families, and live their lifestyle of choice.

Job seekers go through a lot of stress while trying to secure a job, but also do those who are already employed. Many argue that trying to keep your job is harder and more stressful than trying to find one. Unemployment can cripple people’s careers and social lives, as well as limit their dreams and aspirations; which is why they avoid it like the black plague. For good reason.

Naturally, people look for job security and a stable source of income, and I’m assuming you do too, because you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. And we at are here to help you avoiding ever being unemployed.


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