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Things You Should Remove From Your CV Immediately

Writing a strong CV that will make you stand out from the crowd is a bit challenging. Let me give you my personal experience about writing my own CV; I struggled. I had numerous drafts, passed it around to friends and colleagues for proof-reading and reviewing, attended CV writing workshops, and researched professional CV writers to ask for tips and advice just like what offers. One of the lessons I learned was that everything varies in the job worked and you’ll never have one CV that fits all job posts.

Looking back at my first attempts of creating a CV, I would say it was an absolute disaster and no wonder why I wasn’t chosen then when I applied for jobs. In fact, rejection emails were bombarding me. Now, I know my CV was filled with unnecessary information that didn’t give the employer any positive impression about how I could’ve been an asset to them. A CV can truly make or break the job search.


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