Customized Assessment Tools

Test your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Personality with Testello’s Assessment Solutions

Testello is a UK cloud-based testing provider that has created cutting-edge assessment tools that are tailor-made for the Middle East and Gulf region. Testello has partnered with Careers UAE 2019 to provide all job seekers with the opportunity to test their skill-set and to view their results during or after the career fair.

Job Seekers can take one of the below tests:


Personality Assessment (Bilingual)

Gain insight into your personality in a work environment.

  1. What the assessment measures- The candidate’s personality type as measured by 4 preferences.These preferences allow for a detailed analysis of the candidate’s strengths and blind spots in a work environment, allowing you to enhance productivity by reinforcing the strengths and compensating for the blind spots.
  2. Who can take this test: Candidates of all levels
  3. Assessment Duration: 93 questions / 30 minutes

Emotional Intelligence

Measure your ability to recognize, evaluate and regulate your own emotions and those of others.

  1. What the test measures - This test allows you to evaluate your Emotional Intelligence level.
  2. Who can take this test: Candidates of all levels - Test Duration: 40 Questions / 40 minutes