Here's what our exhibitors said

"Over the three days, we received 2,090 applications in total from numerous candidates applying for diverse roles and graduates across multiple disciplines. The candidates were from high school and university graduates, representing a wide field of disciplines. They were seeking highly diverse roles across a range of expertise including IT, finance, HR, strategy and the core customs function,” explained Ameer Abdul Razak Alawadhi, Senior Manager Recruitment, Dubai Customs. We shortlisted candidates to 215 interviewees and then further whittled down the selection to 72 candidates who took part in on-site psychometric assessments. The tests led to 20 Emiratis being hired during, or immediately after, the show. “What was so different this year was the range of interest in terms of skills,” added Alawadhi. “We hired for the IT, HR and strategy departments – the first time we have found Emiratis for either IT or strategy. We will not miss the opportunity to come back next year”

Ameer Abdul Razak Alawadhi, Senior Manager Recruitment – HR Department, Dubai Customs

“We have identified really talented nationals at the show who are eager to learn and become part of a successful story of the Energy sector here in the UAE. The Ministry of Energy strives to achieve the vision of the UAE leadership in investing in the national human resources and providing them with a sustainable career development and Careers UAE is an ideal platform to work in this direction. During the three-day show, we have received around 200 applications a major percentage of these will be contacted and approached.”

Afraa Al Marri, Director of HR at the Ministry of Energy

“We have a huge Emiratisation drive and we’re looking for young talent to join our team. We are trying to identify future-makers at Siemens and we also see the importance of supporting the country. The first thing we look for generally is confident, bright and enthusiastic candidates that are looking to further their careers. We are all about supporting young, local talent and encouraging diversity. More Emiratis are now focused on their careers and we’ve seen a trend of increasing popularity with great private sector companies. We want to offer them the opportunity to work with us.”

Lydia Farris, Recruitment Manager, Siemens

“Emiratisation is important to us because we are a local, family-owned company. We would also like to support the 2021 vision of the country to increase the number of Emiratis in the private sector which ultimately helps in the development of our nation. The roles we are recruiting this year are from different categories: from customer service, cashier jobs to industry specific roles such as electrical engineering, real estate. This year, we have seen several high-quality candidates and have conducted interviews already at the exhibition. By the end of the fair we hope to have made several hires.  I would say we have received around 80 CVs quite early on day 2 alone. Careers UAE been here for a long time, for 19 years, which really differentiates it from other exhibitions. Everyone knows about it more than other career fairs. We had good results this year and hired many people through Careers UAE previously.”

Noora Al Haddad Emiratisation Specialist, Al Rostamani

“There is a lot of talent in the region. However, a lot of Emiratis don’t know about Cisco. We have a great program solely for Emiratis, either in Sales or Engineering, where we help them improve either their technical or business skills. We’ve found that Careers UAE is a great show to attract more Emiratis so we can help them improve and develop on their skills. This is a great opportunity for us to connect and target with candidates who are not aware of what we do in the IT market and that we’re recruiting for the same. We have seen great talent at the exhibition and received over 300 CV’s, with many of them being quite creative and impressive. We are already running initial interviews and screenings on-site and looking forward to hiring 20-30% of these potential candidates. We are definitely looking to come back next year.”

Mohammed Hatem, Territory Sales Manager, Cisco

“It’s our first time exhibiting at Careers UAE. We have seen high quality candidates, interested in job roles across different profiles and have already shortlisted candidates who they’ve met at the show. We are recruiting for a lot of different positions including HR, procurement, administration, reception, document control, researcher communication, funding management, partnership, and communications amongst others. We have shortlisted candidates across HR roles, research positions and other opportunities and are waiting to receive responses following our initial approach.”

Hana Lootah, CEO of Addaera Research & Polls Centre

“Dubai Air Navigation Services is enacting the direction of Dubai Government towards Emiratization and thus we have established the National Development Program to train Air Traffic Control Officers and Air Traffic Engineers. We are looking for Air Traffic Control Officers; candidates applying for the program can be either High School graduates or University degree holders. This is our fifth round participating at Careers UAE, as it is one of the best platforms that provide access to national talent. We have seen over the years an increase in applications and a general increase in awareness and openness from Emirati candidates to explore extraordinary opportunities offered in the ‘Air Traffic Control’ sector. As an example, last year we received 609 applicants for both programs at the end of the show. This year, we have received 400 CVs on the first day itself.

Noaman Al Saleh, Senior Manager- Corporate Affairs, Dubai Air Navigation Services

“According to Dr. Alia Al Serkal, Vice President of People, Learning and Growth, futuristic roles will be primarily in technology, cyber security, IOT, and data scientists – at least in the telecoms sector. We are very committed to developing Emirati careers, whether its people already in the job place or young graduates starting out. From a technical perspective, we focus on roles of the future, so we look at roles pertaining to the internet of things; blockchains, smart city, or cyber security initiatives. In the past, we have recruited good candidates through Careers UAE whether they are graduates or experienced Emiratis. High quality of candidates that have approached us at the show.”

Dr. Alia Al Serkal, VP of People Learning and Growth, DU

“I take care of Emiratisation, which is an important focus in our company. We enjoyed a successful response at Careers UAE 2018; we had several quality recruitments including our first female Emirati sous chef trainee! We’re definitely looking to replicate that experience this year. At the show, we launched our sous chef trainee program where we look for aspiring talents who would like to be chefs, to come and apply and work with us. We are also looking candidates across other areas including nutrition, procurement, supply chain roles, I.T security, finance and accounting positions.”

Khadija Ali, Senior HR manager of Emirates Flight Catering

It’s been our first time at Careers UAE, here at VISA Middle East, we’re on the lookout for talented youth who are keen to challenge themselves and have the ability to think creatively and are problem solvers. Among the different soft skills crucial to our industry, analytical thinking is key especially as technology plays a huge role in what we do. At Careers UAE, we have promoted our graduate program among the youth, and widened awareness around what we do as well.

Dominika Sajdak, Recruitment Programs Specialist, Visa Middle East

I’m working with 1500 private sector companies now, and many of them have positions available for young Emiratis, both internships and graduate positions which is why we’re running a talent hunt here at the Careers UAE. They look for people who are hungry and eager to learn. We have been partners with Careers UAE for several years now and this is our 4th year, and there is no better networking platform that connects young nationals with the private sector companies and career opportunities. I see major career progression opportunities and employers recognizing the high potential in young Emiratis.”

Jean-Michel Gauthier, CEO & Co-Founder of Oliv

“Jumeirah is a major player in the hospitality industry – and hospitality is a core value in locals. We are offering graduate programmes for university students, youth programmes for high school graduates, and some guest-facing roles in the front office and in F&B. We’ve seen a number of high-quality candidates at Careers UAE and have interviewed the candidates we saw potential in, on the spot. These candidates have shown passion for the hospitality industry and a positive attitude; several of them have been shortlisted and are being considered for the next stage of interviews. It’s been good enough to fill up a number of vacancies we have. We’ve had a huge number of applicants this year so would definitely like to come back next year.”

Sina Hashemi Nasab, Assistant Emiratisation Manager, Jumeirah Group

“It’s our third time here at Careers UAE. Emiratisation is important to us being a university, as many students are graduating, and we have alumni who have graduated. We have full trust in their potential and capabilities, and confidence when they are looking for jobs. We have hired many Zayed University graduates and alumni, so we can see that they have a lot of potential. We have also hired other Emirati talent that have graduated from other universities previously at Careers UAE. The candidates that we’ve come across this year have a lot of potential and capability – we have received over 50 applications. Last year, we shortlisted about 30 candidates and hired 3, which is a strong number of people to hire from a fair based on vacancies.”  

Fatema Abdulla, National Development and Retention Consultant – Human Capital, Zayed University

“We believe that Emiratisation enables us to give back to the country, so it’s not only filling in the blanks or quota for us – being in the UAE, it should be our responsibility. No matter what we do, we constantly feel like we should be doing more. Our goal as a foreign bank is not only to hire them, but also to develop them, to give them critical positions, and to take care of their growth within the organization. We exhibit every year at Careers UAE. We choose to be here to represent our bank, demonstrate our commitment. We are recruiting across multiple roles. Our aim is to get quality, skilled candidates, whether male female. On our first day, we selected 2 very good candidates’ on-the-spot who will be taken to the next assessment stage. We are looking to come back, it is our way to translate our feeling and how we give back to society.”

Amina AlHalwaji, Head of Emiratisation Initiatives, Standard Charted Bank

“Emiratisation is a key focus point for our business - we think it is very important to drive our business and support young Emiratis who are just starting out. We have a future leader’s program at our organisation which focuses on driving new initiatives through young people within Al Futtaim. It is very important to get fresh talent on board as we are moving into a different age of digitalization and innovation.  We are recruiting here for future leader program which is our graduate program and we are also recruit for entry level jobs. I met a young lady yesterday at Careers UAE with a 3.78 GPA who interned with us last year. We have made job-offers on the spot during Careers UAE because we don’t like to lose talent once we’ve identified it. We also selected individuals for stage 2 interviews, which is the assessment process for the available leadership program. I can say we have seen a very high quality of candidates and are pleased with them.”

Jackie Younge, Group Head of Talent Acquisition, Al Futtaim

“We’ve noticed an upward shift in applicant caliber with a considerable increase in Emirati candidates applying for jobs in high-tech, artificial intelligence and Cyber Security. Dubai Electronic Security Center is an attractive career gateway for those young nationals keen on enrolling in futuristic professions beyond the traditional corporate sectors.”

Amer Sharaf, Director of Compliance Support and Alliances, DESC

“While DP world is a global company, we operate here in the UAE and remained aligned with the government directives and drive to increase Emiratisation across multiple roles within the private sector.  We know Careers UAE is a good platform to participate in as we get to connect with job seekers directly and try expanding our connection with other entities and share best practices. As for the opportunities, we are here promoting different opportunities rather than only full-time jobs and are also recruiting across different majors. In terms of applicants, over the last three days at Careers UAE we have seen really talented nationals with strong profiles The most useful features at Careers UAE 2019 was the learning session “Dardashat Corner” – this has been a great opportunity where different speakers have been hosted at different levels including the Minister of State for Advanced Sciences who came in and shared her experience and tips with young graduates looking for a job.”

Abeer Hassan Al Taher, Manager of Talent Acquisition & Emiratisation People Department (UAE Region), DP