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Visitor Testimonials


Here's what our visitors said

“This is my first time visiting Careers UAE and I would recommend this to my friends as well because I’m looking for a job and Careers UAE has given me the opportunity of a face to face interaction with companies which is helpful in finding out my career options and the skills I need to pursue the career I want.”

Aliya Al Hammadi , AUD student

“The exhibitors at Careers UAE are extremely welcoming and helpful. They have guided me on ways I can find the jobs best suited for my skills and passed on my CV to companies I will be fit to work for.”

Hind Ali Ahli, Fresh Graduate

“I am searching for a job, the companies exhibiting here have helped me by informing me about job opportunities in my field and passing on my CV for these job roles. Visiting Careers UAE has been beneficial to me, I hope I get a call for an interview.”

Layla Al Shehi, Fresh Graduate

“Career fairs are usually dull and depressing but Careers UAE stands out because of its positive vibes and joyous environment. I graduated last May with a degree in environmental engineering and I have high hopes from Career UAE to find a job best suited for me.”

Saeed Al Khoori, Fresh Graduate

“I am talking to the exhibitors to collect information about the job opportunities in the field I want to work in and the scope of the career path I want to follow after graduating High school. Careers UAE has been helpful to me as I am getting exposure of the type of companies I will be working for.”

Haya Saeed Suleiman, High school student

“I have recently graduated High school and I am thinking about the discipline I should follow in university. Careers UAE has given me a chance to talk to different companies and take a look at the opportunities available for me. Now I have a clearer vision of which field to go into.”

Mohammed Ahmed, High school graduate

“I am a university student and this is my 2nd time visiting Careers UAE and it has proven to be even more beneficial than the last as the companies here have helped me apply for internships where I can get work experience while I’m still studying.”

Aliya, AUS student

“I am happy with my experience at Careers UAE because the exhibitors I have talked to have been helpful and resourceful. They have given me advice on how to apply for jobs and current situation of the job market.”

Nawwaf Sharif, Fresh Graduate

“I visit Careers UAE regularly and it is always a good experience but I liked Careers UAE 2018 particularly because of the unique opportunity of onsite interviews which is helpful for visitors like me who are looking for a job. I will recommend this to the rest of my unemployed friends as well.”

Abdurehman Kazim, Graduate

“I will recommend Careers UAE to my friends as it is one of the best platforms for nationals to find jobs. It brings companies of all fields under one roof and gives us the chance to apply to them and network with their employers.”

Ali Mohammed, Fresh Graduate

“This is my first time visiting career UAE and I had a productive experience. I have given an interview and passed on my CV to the companies exhibiting here and I am hopeful to get hear back from them.” 

Basma Al Hayat, Fresh Graduate

“The best feature of Careers UAE is that a variety of jobs are available in one location, so I have the convenience of applying for any job I want. I would definitely recommend this to my friends at university.”

Humaid, AUE student

“I am planning to tell my friends to visit Careers UAE as well because I have given onsite interviews to companies here which has increased my chances of getting employed and the companies I have talked to have advised me on how to improve my skills. Careers UAE has been extremely beneficial to me in job hunting.”

Athba Al Balooshi, Fresh Graduate

“Careers UAE has been a really helpful event to me as the companies exhibiting here have helped me update CV to the latest requirement of the job market. It is worth attending. “

Fatima Abbas, Graduate

 “I got what I was looking for. I talked to the companies I wanted to and found job opportunities for my field which I will apply to. Careers UAE has been extremely beneficial to me starting out my career.”

Salma Alshamsi, University student

“Careers UAE has been a new and positive experience for me. I got to interact with my desired companies and learn about their requirements. I also submitted my CV and got honest feedback and advice from them.”

Fatima Al Harz, Graduate


“This was a beneficial experience for me. The companies exhibiting are cooperative and I learnt more about their requirements. I will definitely recommend Careers UAE to my friends.”

Mana Al Ali, Fresh Graduate

“I have applied to several companies here and I am hopeful to hear back from them. Careers UAE has given me the opportunity to interact with all these companies which has been a good learning experience for me.”

Majed Elssa Alblooshi, Graduate

“The exhibitors I talked to here have helped me in the process of online registration and applying for jobs. This is my third time visiting and I am glad I came.”

Abdullah, Graduate

Hasan Al Ali, Head of IT at Dubai Holding

"This is my second time to visit Careers UAE, and my first time was 10 years back. I am looking for new opportunities that’s why I am here now. I knew about the event from the social media. And I have been contacted by several companies here in the event and come to do interviews."

Hasan Al Ali, Head of IT at Dubai Holding

"I knew about the event from the social media and my colleagues told me that there are so many good opportunities so I decided to come. Also I liked so much how they follow up with us by emails to come. I found it really helpful, especially for the fresh graduates because there are a lot of guides and explanation about the jobs and what is needed for each one."

Maha Aljneibi, Senior Vice president Facility’s management


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