Here's what our visitors said


“I’m currently getting a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University and will be graduating in July this year. It’s my first time at Careers UAE at it’s a good platform for me to show I’m a hardworking student and a quick learner. The application process has been helpful with regards to companies I am interested in. The recruiters at ABB Industries gave me some valuable advice about different topics including what to do to progress quickly. I have just attended the LinkedIn seminar which was very helpful – the spokesperson gave advice on how to profile yourself and display yourself at recruitment exhibitions, and the best way to sell your skills and make use of such platforms. I am looking forward to attending other speaking sessions that are scheduled. For fresh graduates like myself who are looking for jobs, this is the best networking and recruitment platform as we have so many companies all in one place.”

Mudassar Ali, 20 years old


“I’m a student in my final year and will be graduating in May 2019. It isn’t my first time at the show – I have come back to the exhibition as it’s helpful to view what opportunities other companies are offering, all in one place. I have studied electrical engineering but am open to looking at other options here.”

Meera Mattar, 22 years old


“I work at Emirates Islamic Bank. I have visited Careers UAE before and I feel there are more opportunities and jobs this year. I am currently looking to gain more information and join the public sector as it has better benefits and offers – this would be a role in the administration sector, similar to my current job.”  

Khadeejah Al Balushi, 27 years old


“I am currently working at Tasheel but looking to find a position in the public sector. This is the first time I’m visiting Careers UAE – I’ve heard a lot about the show; I think it’s a good opportunity and want to utilise it to find a job. I am looking to get a job in ‘Customer Service’ and attend seminars that will help me with my CV – I don’t think anyone would be able to attract an employer’s attention without a strong CV.”

Fatima Mohammad, 20 years old


“My brother got his first job by attending Careers UAE. I’m following his footsteps and have recently graduated in Mechanical Engineering – which is why I am here looking to get my first job. I find the exhibition to be very well organized and structured in terms of career advice given by experts, as well as networking. I have luckily found many job vacancies – while a lot of the opportunities I’ve come across are not in the field I was initially exploring, there are plenty of doors opening into different fields that might be of interest. I have tried applying for jobs online but it’s difficult to achieve something concrete. At an exhibition like Careers UAE, I have the ability to come in contact with and ask experts for advice and join graduate programs offered by companies.”

Fahed Al Amiri, 23 years old


“I work in the health authority field. This is my first time at Careers UAE and I think it was very helpful to come here as I was looking to change fields. I came here as I thought it would be good to get advice and find better opportunities, and I now have a couple of interviews lined up.”

Mariam, 20, Health Authority


“I pursued a degree in Financial Services and used to be a banker. I come to Careers UAE every year as I think it’s a great exhibition with plenty of good opportunities to get a job. I haven’t been to any of the speaking sessions yet, but I have had a look and am very interested because I think they’re generally helpful, especially for fresh graduates. I also think it’s a good platform to network and meet people in the field. I’ve been looking into the government/ semi-government sector this year, but within my degree of expertise.”

Sheikha, 32, Finance


“This is the first time for me at the show - I think Careers UAE is great compared to other career shows and exhibitions I have been to. They’ve really done a good job in pulling this together. I’m also very interested in attending the sessions they have, I would like to gain advice on how to get a job. I’m looking to work in the legal industry as I studied law at university.”

Maisa, 23, fresh graduate


“I come to Careers UAE every year. I currently work in logistics, but I’m looking to expand and maybe find opportunities elsewhere in a different field, and I’m positive this is the place to do so. I think this a great platform to find a job - I actually got my first job through Careers UAE last year. I visited the Al Futtaim stand, and I was so happy that I got an interview immediately – thankfully, this ended up in a job. I would recommend the speaking sessions to fresh graduates as they are useful.”

Sader Al Kindy, 31, Logistics


“I’ve heard a lot from my friends about how they were able to get a lot of interviews that developed into jobs through Careers UAE – this is my first time here and I had to come see it for my experience the show for myself. I have already benefited so much as there are so many different companies and organisations, giving me a wide range of options. At first, I visited with a few companies in mind. However, after coming here, I saw a number of possibilities and options that I hadn’t previously considered. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, but I’m looking at all sorts of job that are not limited to that, which is why I think this is a great way to do it.”

Afra, 23, fresh graduate


“I hold a degree in International Business Administration and have recently graduated from college. I am looking for a job that suits me in administration, law or accounting. It is my first time at Careers UAE. I have just arrived so haven’t really done interviews so far but had my CV taken by some employees who showed interest. I am looking at the public sector while looking for a job. First thing I look at while looking is salary just like all of us, second is a place which is close and convenient in terms of transportation, third comes the environment. My friend came on her second day and she has been selected to second stage. I could’ve applied online instead of coming but the reason I chose to come to the exhibition is the on-site interviews they do. They actually give proper advice in terms of what job position suits based on the experience I have and interest.”

Fatima Salem Al Hammadi, 23


“I work at Dubai Police and I have come to Careers UAE as there are a lot of job vacancies. I am looking at applying in both sectors – but my interest lies in the private sector roles. The main thing I look at is experience - when looking for a job, I feel that the main focus shouldn’t be only about the remuneration.  I was told by Du that I am going to get contacted soon and this encouraged me to go around and apply to other companies – I hope one of these opportunities work out.”

Faisal Mohammad, 23


“I’m currently employed by the Dubai Government and hold a bachelor’s degree in ‘media and public relations’. I am here because I am on the look-out for other vacancies. In fact, I have family members and friends who have previously gotten jobs and have signed contracts through Careers UAE. I feel very encouraged as some recruiters have interviews scheduled with me for next week. I am not looking at a specific sector, both governmental and public sectors are fine with me. I also like how we get advised by job experts at Careers UAE, who direct me towarfs suitable job prospects and highlight available vacancies. Honestly when looking for a job, the first aspect I look at is salary and the major (public relations) because I studied it in university.”

Salem Mohammad Ali, 26 years old


“I am an undergraduate student and I am a bit confused on which career path I should take and whether I am in the right one or not. After having a conversation with couple of the exhibitors at Careers UAE, I have gotten a clearer idea of what career path I should take. I don’t have a specific sector in mind, what I care about the most is the experience as not all industries give proper experience.”  

Hamza Abdulla, 21 years old


“I recently graduated as an electric engineer but frankly speaking can’t seem to find much vacancies in that industry. Therefore, I decided to come to Careers UAE and have given my CVs to couple of them. I feel optimistic as I have been told I will be contacted soon.”

Fatima Abu Al Houl, 22 years old