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Great reason to visit Careers UAE   


Visiting Careers UAE is a proactive way of finding out the latest information ranging from advanced study & training opportunities to job opportunities to starting your own business.

Exhibitors including employers, universities, colleges and other agencies will give you all the information you require including, answering your questions and truthfully telling you what it’s really like in today’s job market.


Why go to Careers UAE?

  • Get a chance to have your questions answered directly by the experts
  • Get all the information in one place at one time
  • Get a chance to compare what's on offer
  • Learn how to plan for your future
  • Explore the opportunities for further education and training
  • Get to know the latest employment trends and what the country needs in the coming decade

Who visits Careers UAE?

  • Careers UAE exhibition is for everyone - students, fresh graduates, adults looking for a new career path or further studies & training opportunities, and employees looking for better opportunities
  • The main benefit is to come and take an active interest in your future plans

What to do before you go?

  • Find out the basics - the exhibition dates, timings and location
  • Find out who will be there - a list of exhibitors will be available closer to the event date
  • Think about what you want out of the exhibition - Information, Advice, and Ideas
  • Decide who you want to speak to and find out where there stand is
  • Make a list of questions you want to askPrepare and update your CV
  • Make a list of features and activities you wish to attend at Careers UAE

What to do at the exhibition?

  • Have a look at the exhibition floor plan
  • Mark on it the stands you want to visit
  • Register your attendance with your National ID Go through your questions and ask for information/advice
  • Consult your list - take the time to find out everything you need to know
  • Take notes of anything important and copies of any relevant  information
  • Look around - maybe there are other opportunities you’ve not yet considered
  • Take paper and a pen to note down information or contacts
  • Remember that the exhibition is not only a place to submit CV’s or find a job immediately but also an opportunity to educate yourself
  • Ask for summer job opportunities or work placements/internships
  • Remember: Maybe you will need more than one visit to get all your questions answered

What to do after the exhibition?

  • Follow up on any contacts or organisations you need to get in touch with for more information or to send your application to
  • Use what you’ve learnt to make decisions and plan ahead
  • Visit your university’s career centre for advice on the next steps